For successful delivery of your electoral and government print projects

Smith & Ouzman has decades of experience of providing services and support for local authorities and government departments. We credit our longevity with two main driving forces – an unquenchable determination to innovate and lead the field in printing technology and a commitment to the ‘old fashioned’ values of personal service and minute attention to detail. In our view, one approach doesn’t succeed without the other.

Trust your instincts

Working in the electoral sector can feel a bit monochrome with the pressure to adhere to regulations and other people’s timetables with no margin for error. However, this doesn’t mean you have to follow the circus and use the same supplier and procedures.

Making the right choice

You need to follow the rules but crucial conformity doesn’t need to translate into the procurement process. Treading the same well-worn path isn’t always the most efficient option and can be quite limiting.

At Smith & Ouzman we offer:

  • Working to your timetable, not ours

  • Produced in-house, no outsourcing

  • Dedicated expert account manager

  • Putting you and your team back in control

Gain more control

If you’re feeling the pressure to conform and want to have more control over your operating strategy, there is an alternative.
By choosing your own supplier you can call the shots and work to your own timetable.

At Smith & Ouzman we pride ourselves on being imaginative and agile and believe this is the way to make progress in an increasingly complicated world. There’s no suggestion of taking a risk, quite the opposite in fact – you’ll be guaranteeing efficiency and expertise backed up by the accreditations and quality assurances you would expect from any long-established professional electoral supplier.

Changing strategies

Always playing safe can be a limiting strategy and is not always the most efficient way of working.

When it comes to processing variable data for a range of outcomes, Smith & Ouzman has helped to debunk the myth that a successful result is only possible if you invest in costly infrastructure changes in order to standardise processes.

Standardising output

Processing council tax bills, elections materials, refunds and bills can mean using data handled by different teams and printed using different software systems. Achieving standardised output therefore poses a big problem. We solve this by standardising and consolidating the outputs and then working backwards through processes to deliver the desired outputs in the most efficient way. This delivers crucial cost savings and quality improvements without having to change established processes.

  • Delivering secure results

    Our innovation in secure print, multimedia and mailing services means we can take raw data, process it according to the required output and deliver secure results that adhere to your identity and document work flow.

  • Efficient practice

    It is this efficiency principle that has driven our digital solutions here at Smith & Ouzman. We have a unique approach to document workflow management, based on sound lean six sigma principles.

  • Consolidate & standardise document work flows

    All of our clients are seeking to consolidate and standardise document work flow processes to improve efficiency. The driver is often a desire to change the document output to realise cost savings, for example, changing the output from a physical document posted to each recipient,a digital document, electronically distributed.

  • Project management

    Our project management approach helps standardise the output of the document workflow, enabling the ‘paperless office’ to be realised without having to standardise the multiple processes that sit behind it. This means that cost savings and efficiency improvements can be realised over much shorter timeframes.

  • Flexibility

    We also try to retain the flexibility of the original system, retaining, for example, the ability to output documents in multiple formats such as Braille or print without adding complexity to the system.

Does tendering lose you money?

We fully agree with the logic of the tendering process – it encourages competition and lower prices – but we also believe that there is a break even point where the cost-effectiveness of the process needs to assessed. To win a tender a supplier may risk over-promising and under-delivering which wipes out the benefit of any cost savings

Our extensive experience

With our long history and proven credentials as one of the UK’s leading local authority suppliers, we have extensive experience of supporting electoral services teams to deliver on their commitments whilst adhering to strict budgets and time-frames. We can promise complete understanding of your aims and objectives and suggest new ways of achieving your goals.

Our certifications

Quality Assurance


Environmental & Corporate Responsibility

We maintain numerous certifications in the areas of quality assurance, security, environmental and corporate social responsibility so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are working with a responsible, reputable and experienced supplier.

If you think you are allocating too large a chunk of your precious resources to tendering, why not contact us and find out how you can improve your efficiencies.